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League of Legends Guide

Postby B3arMod3 » Wed May 18, 2016 11:04 pm

If any of you guys play League of Legends or have just decided to start, here's a quick list-type guide on what to do to get started!
League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. There are 5 Roles in this game. TOP LANE- Bruisers and Tanks. MIDDLE LANE-Mages or Assassins (Normally where the APC, Ability Power Carry, calls home). BOT LANE- ADC(Attack Damage Carry) & SUPPORT. JUNGLE (This is a position you wont see being played much until you start to level up and people understand the game better.) Usually consists of champions with high mobility, high defenses, gank ability (a technique used to help relieve lane pressure and or secure kills), and quick wave clearing abilities.
-Play the Tutorial. (Common sense)
-Test out the champions in the free rotation before buying champs with IP (Influence Points, can be earned by playing)
-DO NOT Purchase RP (Riot Points) unless you are positive you will be playing this game for a long time.
-PRO TIP: DO NOT purchase Champions with RP. Why? because every champion in the game can be bought with IP. Why spend money when you can get something for free?
-You will not be able to play against other people until you hit level 5 (or 6 i cant remember) so abuse BOT training
-Learn what type of damage your champion applies.
-Learn what items BOOST the type of damage your champion applies.(EX: Ashe is the first champion you will encounter due to the fact that she is the champion you play in the tutorial. Ashe is what is known throughout the League community as an ADC, or, Attack Damage Carry. Which means she uses Attack Damage instead of Ability Power, which is what mages use for damage. The "Carry" part of her category means she has the ability to Carry the game with her Ranged-type massive damage output. You would normally want to build items with Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Critical Chance)
-Learn WHERE (what lanes) to take your favorite champions.
-Learn to farm (last hit minions to receive gold).
-Farming aka C.S.ing- Farming is an essential part of them game.
-C.S.- Stands for Creep Score.
-Creep- Refers to Minions
-Wave Clear- Refers to how fast you can kill waves of minions
-Harass- Technique to punish Enemy Laner for c.s.ing or attempting to farm.
-Poke- Technique to Harass Enemy Laner.
-Zone/Zoning- a Technique, or effect of someones strength, that keeps the enemy at a distance.
-Gank- a technique used mostly by junglers where you flank the enemy laners who have pushed their lane too far up too early.
-Overextend- means your lane has pushed pressure towards the enemy too far leaving you positioned in a vulnerable position.
-Dive- refers to the maneuver when you must enter an enemy turret range to secure kills.

If you have any questions or see something i missed, please feel free to add on! :ugeek:
Happy Gaming, B3arMod3

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