ToC Objectives

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ToC Objectives

Postby TheDude » Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:42 am

First, Thanks for having me. I have a couple questions now.

1) What are the groups objectives in TOC? What activities should we be pursuing in Elite Dangerous? I've read the expected behavior of members posted on this board. Is there an end game we are trying to accomplish?

2) When encountering a player in our system, how do we know they are in our group? I was thinking along the lines of a unique hail, with an unexpected response. The proper response to the hail as a string of numbers would rule out false positives.

3) How often are you encountering other players in this region of space being as far south and east as one can go before the number of populated systems falls dramatically? Is anybody having an exclusive non-npc player experience?

Now along these lines above, I was wondering if the group has addressed some of the issues other group players have been venting about the game. I'm especially interested in the game's instancing issue that PowerPlay players are having. Also, the game's rules in response to your "wanted" status for actions either implied through PowerPlay tasks or other seemly logical actions that the player ultimately gets "dinged".

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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Re: ToC Objectives

Postby Grinbringer » Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:27 am

1) No objectives, only chaos! :P Basically, you do what you find fun. Teamspeak is probably the best place to find out what other ToC people are doing and team up. Since Vesuvit is ToC home system, it would be great if you helped our influence there occasionally.
* If you are into missions, do them for ToC minor faction in Vesuvit.
* If you are into combat, kill other minor factions in Vesuvit.
* If you are into trading, buy high supply stuff and sell high demand stuff in Suri Gateway.
* If you are into exploration, deliver all data to Suri Gateway.
* And so on.

2) We don't know if a person is in ToC. FD promotes this game as MMO, but there are no basic guild/clan tools in the game (yet?). The usual way of things is that ToC people ask unfamiliar players if they have a touch of chaos in their heart of tell them to submit to chaos. If the response is positive, they are free to go on, otherwise they are in trouble.
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Re: ToC Objectives

Postby SuBSynK » Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:29 am

Hey TheDude, niceone for posting up and getting involved.

Although i have never told members of the group what they should be doing in any of the games we play we do have objectives that the group is aiming to achieve and a general vision for the future.

1-The group objective for [ToC] of the moment is to fortify and expand in order to create a chaos bubble around Vesuvit! All major actions that take place in the game push the group story and RP forward and we make sure to catalog and explain the current in game situation. This is an ongoing goal and will take some time.
We also spread chaos throughout the Galaxy -undermining of the various authorities- in order to show humans throughout the Galaxy that they can be free & should reject dogma of the imperial and federal powers that have enslaved their people! Our pvp based members have the goal to spread chaos in player hot-spots. Form a reputation as one of the most skilled PvP groups in the game and destroy our enemies whilst helping our allies with their war efforts.

2-We have a members list that should be checked in order to avoid confusion when encountering players in Vesuvit. This can be found on the TS3 in the "Homeworld" section & on the forums (could do with an update). We have considered several ways to hail other [ToC] members & express our chaotic beliefs in order to check another players credentials and i think we should definitely think about this again ...Unfortunately the idea of a "code" is not a fail-safe system and if every member does not know the "code" it might lead to accidental deaths ;)

3-Vesuvit was originally busy with [ToC] members but with the background sim bugs and the amount of time it has taken to fix them many players have become disenfranchised with the Vesuvit project leaving the system less player populated. Lately the bugs seem to have been fixed -at least partially- and myself and a few other members have returned to get back on the mission with good results!

Instancing, the Solo/Private/Open debate is ongoing and personally i do not entertain it. All games have issues that we hope will be fixed or systems that we hope will be changed in the future but to dwell on them is -to me- pointless. This is the games current state and in order to enjoy playing it i see no point in complaining about mechanics we cannot change. For me personally if something annoys me enough to make the experience not fun i take a break and play something else.
Being Anarchy Vesuvit does not have laws apart from laws the [ToC] membership enforce, no players can be wanted and being far away from the power-play bubble means we are not affected by it. We decided to make Vesuvit our home-world on purpose to create this situation and although far away from the hubs of player activity the pro's definitely out-way the negatives in regard to PP and undermining.

Check out the home-world section of the forums and guides to how to help. Ill be updating the guide soon with more up to date info. Since Horizons new activities & missions etc can be run to help increase the Vesuvit influence and for the first time since player groups have been given minor faction status the bugs and BGS in general seems to be in a better place.

Hope this helped to clear up some of the questions you have & please do feel free to add your thoughts on these topics :)
Cmdr T1ckneb
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Re: ToC Objectives

Postby Cmdr T1ckneb » Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:12 pm

Great post guys,

I joined TOC earlier this week and was in the home system yesterday. Found the best missions to take for TOC were to move slaves around 155ly. Paying around 1.8-3 Million per mission that isn't too bad as it doesn't take long to do ten jumps in a T6. Full the cargo on your return trip with one of the items on the Home world section and you will have a little more profit.

Along with that the influence and REP with TOC have all shown as high/High for me so well on my way to friendly.
I think a couple of people were in the system last night doing some bits, and the influence bar went from half way to full when logging off around 2200gmt. So every little helps.

SuBSynk did also mention a nav beacon in the system next door that is a good way to make some money local. I am yet to try this out.
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Re: ToC Objectives

Postby TheDude » Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:57 am

Thanks for the info! Didn't catch what you meant about "the TS3 in the "Homeworld" section" though. Can you be... more specific? (THX1138 circa 1971)
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Re: ToC Objectives

Postby kaivalagi » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:09 pm

Get yourself onto TS3 (need team speak 3 client) and once you have permissions given by someone (need to be logged in to ts3 for that to happen) you can access the sub-channels on TS, one of them being the homeworld one with this extra info


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